Rütten Accessories



For your Rütten Sterile Storage System ...

All Rütten accessories shown on this page are particularly suitable for completing the line of equipment of the Rütten Sterile Storage Systems and render them ready for use.

... you get various accessories

... your benefits:

- Complete turn-key system for the storage, handling and processing of sterile liquids, everything fits

- Steady availability ex stock of e number of components and spare parts

- Possibility of rapid extension of existing installations

- Quick service

© Magnetic fasting devices

The device holds in the Rütten Magnetic Agitator® safely in place during transportation.

© Torque wrenches, torque wrench adaptors

The torque wrench is specially designed to fit the headplate of the vessel. It measures the torque applied to the vessel opening to ensure consistent and sterile seal. A defined fit permits an easy validation of the equipment with its processes.

© Special sight glasses

The fused glass-to-metal sight glass provides the greatest security and clarity possible for the inspection of vessel contents. Various sizes and executions with Triclamp oder aseptic fittings are available. Sight glasses are either at the head plate or at the vessel possible.

© Sterile inoculum needles

Complete with silicon membrane available.

© Sterile pressure gauges

With special Triclamp connection or Ingold port available. Other executions and other brands on request.


© Diaphragm valves

Three-way, two way membrane valves, 1/2", 3/4" manually or pneumatic operated. Compact execution for perfect drain. Ask us for more technical details.


© Bursting disc 1 1/2" Triclamp 2.5 bar @ 20 °C

Bursting discs are mounted on Rütten Sterile Vessels in order to prevent the hazards involved by the use of pressurised vessels. Whenever an excess of pressure  occurs in the vessel, the bursting disc releases it and conveys the stream of gas on the ground near the tank trhough the bursting disc duct.

© Inline sight glasses 1/2" Triclamp

The Inline Sight Glass 1/2” is inside perfectly smooth made and the sealings are specially designed to minimize the dead volume inside. It drains properly, even if it is installed with low inclination angle.

© Aeration filters

Aeration filters with their connections to the vessels. The filters can be autoclaved.

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