Bottom Drain Valves DN8




Usually are Rütten Vessels drained via the central harvesting tube of the head plate. On request is for small vessels also a bottom drain valve available.

© Purpose

This kind of diaphragm valve has been designed for being welded on the bottom of small stainless steel vessels with the purpose of limiting as much as possible dead volumes and areas difficult to CIP.

© Solution

Easy to operate and to clean. Special compact design to keep the distance between Rütten Magnetic Agitator® and the Rütten Magnetic Drive HD-033 as short as possible. Two executions are available:

"Bottom Drain Valve DN8" with port for drain

"Bottom Drain Valve DN8 with Steam Flush" with ports for drain and sterilization with steam

© Your benefits

Compact execution, does not increase height of vessel essentially

Black and white coloured knob for easier operation

Light construction, easy to disassemble

Autoclavable version available

© Main Characteristics

Inner diameter 8 mm

Material: Forged stainless steel 1.4435 (316L), surfaces electro polished Ra <0.25 μm

Knob resistant up to 130 °C and to a wide range of chemical aggressions

Extension rods for having the knob easily accessible as the valve is mounted on the bottom of the vessel

Diaphragm material EPDM, others are available

Connection 3/4" Triclamp

© 2004 Copyright Rütten Engineering AG, Stäfa, Switzerland