Rütten Headplates



The Rütten headplates are fixed at the central opening of the sterile vessel and can be chosen as per the needs of processes and handling. Various different execution of headplates are available for different processes. The headplate can be changed immediately and is full interchangeable.


© Purpose

The cover is fixed on the tank with a threaded fitting and is sealed with a special silicone O-ring. Depending on needs are different sizes and execution of headplates available.

© Solution

Headplates are equipped with Triclamp connections to fit valves, filters, manometers, rupture discs and other devices. Four different basic executions are available:

"Standard headplate" without harvesting tube

"Headplate with Central Harvesting tube" for fixing the Rütten Magnetic Agitator® and drain the vessel via central harvesting tube, see at "Rütten Magnetic Agitators".

"Headplate for Vibrating Mixer", see at "Vibrating Mixer".

"Headplate for Softmixer", see at "Softmixer".

© Your benefits

Interchangeable execution of headplates available

Limited investment costs

Lightweight, simple construction

Easy to remove, clean and install

Proven for cleaning validation to FDA and EU specifications

The sealing is made by a Silicon O-ring and threaded connection as per DIN11850/11851. This connection does not release pressure immediately when opened to protect operator

Torque wrench with adaptor available for reproducible tightening torque, guarantees perfect and safe sealing

© Main characteristics and sizes

Two different sizes are used:
Diameter 150 mm for 20...100 litre Rütten Vessels
Diameter 200 mm for 150...250 litre Rütten Vessels

All ports are 3/4" Triclamp ferrules for full interchangeable fit of devices on headplate, other types and sizes on request to fit for example pressure gauges, sight glasses and burst discs etc.

Material, Surface finish:
Forget stainless steel 1.4404 (316 L)
surfaces electro-polished Ra <0.25 μm

Operating conditions:
Overpressure -1...+4.0 bar; temperature -35°C...150°C

O-Ring made of white Silicon FDA grade, Class IV

Standard Headplates

Standard headplates have five 3/4" Triclamp ferrules to connect all required devices on it. Many SSS Accessories can be chosen.

Drain the Rütten Vessel has to be done via the bottom drain valve.



Headplates with Central Harvesting Tube

The "Headplate with Central Harvesting tube" is for fixing the Rütten Magnetic Agitator® and/or to drain the vessel via central harvesting tube. At the central harvesting tube is a 1/2" Triclamp ferrule welded, the four other ferrules around it are 3/4" Triclamps. Many SSS Accessories can be chosen to fit on it.

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