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Why let the magnetic agitator in your sterile vessel you are cleaning your vessel and have residue in the bearing of your magnetic agitator? Take the magnetic agitator out with removal of your cover! Dismantle the magnetic agitator and clean all parts separately in your washing machine you already have available in your factory.

© Challenge

Magnetic-driven agitators flanged directly on the bottom of the sterile tanks pose frequent problems due to the difficulty of their reliable and proper cleaning with the existing CIP systems. As a result, "sterile dirt" accumulates on many critical surfaces of such agitators. Furthermore, due to their mechanical complexity, such units are quite expensive.

© Solution

Suspended at the central harvesting tube, interchangeable magnetic agitators are the best solution to magnetic agitation in sterile transfer vessels. Rütten Magnetic Agitators® equipped with double stainless-steel stirring bars suspended just above the vessel bottom. The separate magnetic drive rests on the ground and is easily moved.  The construction of these units is very simple and facilitates the quick disassembling for cleaning purposes. Such agitators are less expensive than the currently available bottom-flanged executions.

© Your benefits

Stirs very low volumes

Limited investment costs

Lightweight, simple construction

Easy to remove, clean and install

Proven for cleaning validation to FDA and EU specifications

No particle losses due to wear

One drive unit can be used for many vessels

Ideal system for agitating during filling operations

Possibility to work in explosion-hazardous areas by using our air-powered unit

Low shear effect for sensitive products

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© Components Rütten Magnetic Agitator®

1 Double magnetic stir-bar (Stainless steel 1.4435, 316L)

2 Outer bearing (SiC)

3 Inner bearing (SiC)

4 Disk plate (Stainless steel 1.4435, 316L)

5 Stirrer cap (Stainless steel 1.4435, 316L)

6 Elastic pin (Stainless steel 1.4435, 316L)

7 PTFE buffer (virgin PTFE)

© Main characteristics and sizes

Three different sizes of double magnetic stir-bars are available:
Small: 85 x 85 mm, Ø 25 mm (5...100 l vessels)
Medium: 85 x 115 mm, Ø 25 mm (150...200 l vessels)
Large: 85 x 155 mm, Ø 25 mm (250... l vessels)

Surface finish:
For all process-side surfaces: Less than 0.25 µm,
electro polished

Permissible operating conditions:
Pressure: -1...+4.0 bar; Temperature -35...+150 °C

Documents delivered for plant qualification:
Certificates for all critical materials, drawings and user  manual

© 2004 Copyright Rütten Engineering AG, Stäfa, Switzerland