Magnetic Field Monitoring MFM-035




The Magnetic field monitoring MFM-035 is specially designed for Rütten Magnetic Agitator® System and part of the Rütten Sterile Storage System (SSS) for production and handling of sterile liquid pharmaceuticals and by-products.


© Challenge

Validation is requiring a proof constant mixing to show that the magnetic agitator is really rotating.

© Application

The Magnetic field monitoring MFM-035 is measuring and checking the magnetic field generated by the agitator bar and agitator drive. The panel is indicating the agitator speed and locked or slipping magnetic agitator.

© Background

The MFM-035 Magnetic Field Monitoring System analyzes magnetic fields in the surroundings of magnetic agitators.

During normal operation (left), the system measures the actual RPM of the magnetic agitator.


Is the magnetic agitator locked or slipping, the system detects the anomaly in the magnetic field (right) and reports the error.

© Construction

The system is mainly consisting of the magnetic field sensor built-in in a stainless steel housing and panel. The magnetic field sensor and the panel are attached at the Rütten Magnetic Drive®.

© Your Benefits

Detects locked and slipping magnetic agitators, an important parameter for validating processes as per FDA requirement

2-pont calibration

Password protects configuration menu

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For all vessel materials

For Rütten magnetic Agitator® up to 300 litre

Optimal completion to Rütten Magnetic Drive HD 033

High precision 3-dimensional magnetic field sensor

Agitator speed measurement, accuracy better than 0.3%

4...20mA rpm output

User configurable rpm alarm relay (high/low limit, hysteresis)

User configurable blocked magnet agitator alarm relay

CAN-bus serial communication interface (Controller Area Network)

Full graphic display, 6 key user input pad, protection class IP55

© 2004 Copyright Rütten Engineering AG, Stäfa, Switzerland