The mixing condition (turbulence) is probably the most important and the most unknown parameter in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Knowing the turbulance in mixing or reaction vessel means knowing the process too....


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All agitators built-in in reactors are generating mixing conditions which are difficult to calculate. Changing of parameters such as agitator speed, viscosity (temperature), volume in the reactor have a impact on the mixing conditions. Scale-up of processes are a challenge for all involved engineers.

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The Rütten Mixmeter® allows you to control the degree of agitation in a stirred vessel and implement process strategies to keep it constant. The probe dipped in the fluid detects the pressure fluctuations generated by the agitation and converts them into one "mixing signal" which can be used, for instance to maintain constant mixing over a wide range of fluid volumes in a given reactor or to compensate the changes in viscosity during the process. Check out the possibility with "Rütten Vibrocontrol".

Three different sensors are available:

Sensor type 1 for reactors from 10 up to 50 litres

Sensor type 2 for reactors from 50 up to 3’000 litres

Sensor type 3 for reactors from 3’000 up to 10’000 litres

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The sensor generates a non-conform signal which is converted by the electronical amplifier "Mixmeter 022" in a value proportional to the turbulance. The electronical measurement unit "Mixmeter 022" provides the following features:

Measurement of the mixing rate of turbulent liquid

Full graphic display, keyboard

Two 4...20mA output channels

User configurable alarm relay

Serial communication interface

24V AC/DC universal power input

High precision pressure sensor

Software selectable calibration

The electronic is built-in in desk-top housing, it can also be built-in in central control cabinets

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Input voltage: 24V AC/DC

Output signal: 4...20 mA, 2 channels

Serial interface to PC via RS-232C

Connection to the supply with adaptor: 95...250 V AC / 50...60 Hz

Ambient temperature: 0...50°C

Dimensions (WxHxL): 230 x 88 x 209 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Display: 128 x 64 pixel

Keyboard: 18 keys

Frequency range analysator: FFT 0..25-64 Hz

PI controller

Housing: Aluminium, protection class IP21

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The Rütten Mixmeter® has been intensively tested on its function by the Queens University in Canada. Download the Acrobat Reader file at "Download".

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