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The Sterile Storage System consists of the sterile vessels and the all system accessories. Only the accessories make the vessel powerful and fast. It is easy to operate the system.

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© Basic function

Fast and safe transportation of sterile liquids provided by standard vessels with interchangeable head plates and a large program of accessories. Assemble the vessels and use the trolley as per your current application.

© Solution

Stainless steel vessels for pharmaceutical storage and transfer provide the most secure transfer mechanism for sterile containment that are available to the industry. Stainless-steel storage and transfer vessels allow for steam-sterilised connections and provide the best possible sterility insurance.

Rütten sterile vessels with steam-sterilisable connections are the only storage and transfer system capable of meeting the level of sterility assurance required by Worldwide Good Manufacturing Practices.

● Pure liquids are stored and transported in Rütten Vessels equipped with

- Standard Headplates or Headplates with Central Harvesting Tube

- Rütten "Trolley easy"

● Suspension which have to be stirred to become homogen prior drain are stored and transported in Rütten Vessels with

- Headplates with Central Harvesting Tube

- mounted Rütten Magnetic Agitator©

- Rütten "Trolley for Magnetic Drive"

- Magnetic Drive HD-035, remains on the floor of destination

Empty vessels or vessels containing residues are transported and stored in Rütten Vessels equipped with

- Standard Headplates or Headplates with Central Harvesting Tube

- Rütten "Trolley easy"

- Sterilization usually in an autoclave, vessel is driven into the autoclave with the Rütten "Trolley easy" or Rütten "Trolley for Magnetic Drive"

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© Your benefits

Compliance to cGMPs for Container Integrity Testing

Validatable for long-distance transportation, long-term product sterility, steam sterilisation of vessel and contents, steam-sterilised transfers, extractables and product compatibility compliance with cGMP for Cleaning Validation

Ease of cleaning of all components in standard washing machines

Easily inspected components for cleaning monitoring

Standard connections, diameters and transport configurations Interchangeable components

Compatible with steam-sterilised connections

Reusable with high durability

Reusable, long vessel and components lifetimes

The magnetic drive does not remain on the vessel

Full interchangeable, configuration of vessels can be changed at anytime

Large program of full compatible accessories available  

Pressure certification with a lightweight vessel

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