Rütten Trolley for Magnetic Drive



Lift the sterile vessel? Drive on it! The Magnetic Drive HD-033 remains at the destination at the floor. Drive your sterile vessel on the trolley on the magnetic drive for operation of the Rütten Magnetic Agitator©.

© Purpose

The use of  the trolley is recommended whenever Rütten Vessels must be transported and/or placed over the Magnetic Drive HD-033 for being agitated.

© Solution

Specially low designed trolley with handle which allows placing the Rütten vessel on the Magnetic Drive HD-033 without lifting the vessel. Easy to operate and to clean. Completely made of stainless steel. For each size of Rütten Vessel are two executions available:

"Trolley for Magnetic Drive Standard" with regular wheels for use in normal conditioned rooms

"Trolley for Magnetic Drive Autoclavable" with temperature resistant wheels to get Rütten Vessels into sterilisation chambers

© Your benefits

Suitable to transport Rütten Vessels and place them on Magnetic Drive without lifting

Wheels are not fixed at vessels to allow easier cleaning

Light construction, easy to handle

Autoclavable version available

Download of O2C Player for watching the 3D Animation www.o2c.de

© Main Characteristics

Frame built of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304), surfaces polished Ra <0.8 μm

Frame with mark “Autoclavable” in case of such execution

Guiding side profiles and back stop profile for an easy centring of the trolley on the magnetic drive unit while driving on the magnetic drive

Wheels: Four pivoting front wheels, two of them with brake

Material of the wheels: polypropylene (asbestos-free)

Maximum operating temperature: 130°C in case of the “Autoclavable” execution

Maximum operating temperature: 130°C in case of the “Autoclavable” execution

© 2004 Copyright Rütten Engineering AG, Stäfa, Switzerland