Our team

Rütten Engineering team consists of dedicated professionals who aim to deliver pharma engineering solutions on demand. We offer future oriented solutions for individual requirements, assuring the highest quality for everything we do. At Rütten the client gets to know the assignment team and the same team handles the projects from the design to delivery.

We combine our creative achievements with traditional values such as quality, reliability and punctuality.

Our clients appreciate the continuous support of our staff throughout the whole order and production process. Rütten Team is willing to push the limits of pharma engineering every day to not only to meet the expectations of our clients but to exceed them.

Meet our frontline team

Michael Rütten, Rutten Engineering
Dr. Michael Rütten
CEO, Rütten Engineering Ltd.

Christoph Matter, Rutten Engineering
Christoph Matter
International Sales

Salvatore Palatano, Rutten Engineering
Salvatore Palatano
Mechanical Engineer & Quality Control

Jenny Cusseddu, Rutten Engineering
Jenny Cusseddu
Administration Executive & Delivery Management

Members of Executive Board

Michael Rütten, Rutten Engineering
Dr. Michael Rütten

Maja Rütten, Pathovet
Dr. med. vet. Maja Rütten