Rutten Engineering
Each Rütten vessel is an outstanding technical masterpiece—The unrivaled original.

Rütten vessels

Our durable and reusable vessels with a fully cGMP and FDA compliant design are globally renowned. Each individual vessel is an outstanding technical master piece and pressure-certified lightweight. The clever construction, ease of handling, cleanability and customizing options that come along with the Rütten vessel, make it the product of choice for most pharma and biopharma facilities worldwide.
Rütten sterile vessels

Before you think of an off-the-shelf solution: Ask us!
Combine these vessels with a custom made head plate, our stirrer technology, trolleys and balances, flexibly connect it all to the Rütten Process Interface and thereby create a reliable and practical storage and processing system for your end products.

Small sterile vessels

Capacities from 0.6 to 15 l

Small size Rütten small sterile vessels with capacities from 0.6 to 15 l.

Medium sterile vessels

Capacities from 20 to 200 l

Medium size Medium sterile vessels with capacities from 20 to 200 l.

Large sterile vessels

Capacities 200+ l

Large size Large sterile vessels with capacities of 200+ l.