Rütten medium sterile vessels

Rütten medium sterile vessels
Medium sterile vessel, standard, with top hand rail.
Rütten medium sterile vessels
Medium sterile vessel, standard, with head plate with central harvesting tube.
Rütten medium sterile vessels
Cross section showing the inner workings of the vessel.
Storage, processing and transport of high value liquids 10 to 100 L (3 to 25 US gal)

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Typical products:
Vaccines Blood products Cell cultures Injectables Media Suspensions

The vessel design achieves pressure certification with a lightweight vessel, improves ease of handling, reduces initial costs and results in lowest cost-per-use. It also ensures negligible dead volumes (50 ml) and long vessel and component lifetimes. Simple construction with head plate comprising only one O-ring seal allows quick and reliable closure with slotted nut or triclamp. All vessels are equipped with protective hand rail or rim top and bottom, standard connections, standardised diameters and transport configurations, interchangeable components. Mobility is ensured with corresponding trolleys and a full range of accessories.
Rütten vessels with steam sterilizable connections are fully compliant to cGMP and FDA guidelines for integrity and cleaning : Validatable for steam sterilization of vessel, content and steam sterilized transfers. Highest cleanability, also in standard washing machines, resulting from electropolishing and low surface roughness Ra < 0.25 µm = 10 µinch. In-situ sterilisation is possible with jacketed versions.

Units Vessel 15 l Vessel 20 l Vessel 30 l Vessel 40 l Vessel 50 l Vessel 80 l
Total volume liter (US gal) 17.5 (4.62) 24.0 (6.34) 36.0 (9.51) 48.0 (12.7) 60.0 (15.9) 100.0 (26.4)
Diameter mm (in) 250 (9.84) 315 (12.4) 395 (15.6) 395 (15.6) 395 (15.6) 395 (15.6)
Overall height mm (in) 457 (18.0) 369 (14.5) 361 (14.2) 463 (18.2) 565 (22.2) 889 (35.0)
Empty weight kg (lbs)
Central opening mm (in) 150 (6)
Working temperature °C (°F) -35 to +135 (-31 to 275)
Working pressure bar -1 to +4
Material product / non product side   AISI 316L, ground Ra < 0.25 µm, electropolished
AISI 316L, ground Ra < 0.8 µm, electropolished
Special alloys upon request
Vessel options
Vessel body Unjacketed Side jacketed Full jacketed Isolated
Handling Side handles | Top rim with grip holes | Top hand rail
Bottom drain valves Diaphragm valve 2-way | 3-way
Ports TC ASME | DIN 11851 | Ingold | Hose barb | Others available upon request | On head plate | Vessel | Jacket
Piping Inlet tube |Dip tube | Harvesting tube
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Rütten standard documentation
Impeccable documentation constitutes an essential part of all cGMP quality assurance system. Therefore, Rütten vessels are delivered with a comprehensive documentation package in English, other languages are available upon request.

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  • check_circleHigh end surface finish
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  • check_circleCIP/SIP, autoclavable
  • check_circleFull documentation
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  • check_circleCE/TÜV approved


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