Magnetic drives

Magnetic drive HD-033
Magnetic drive HD-033
HD-033 with sterile vessel
Magnetic drive HD-033
Side view with HD-033 and sterile vessel
Magnetic drive HD-25 / HD-033

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The magnetic drive HD-025 / HD-033 is a power unit designed to transmit a rotational movement to magnetic impellers placed on the bottom of tanks, by taking advantage of magnetic forces.

The magnetic drive is an autonomous unit which can be used in all applications requiring a powerful torque transmission via magnetic forces and is particularly suited for being used in combination with vessels and stirrers belonging to the SSS Sterile Storage System.

The main advantage of the system consists in the full physical separation between the drive unit (power generation) and the driven stirrer so that, for instance, one can use several vessel equipped with their corresponding stirrers and use a single drive unit for agitating the liquid contained into the vessels.