Magnetic field monitoring system MFM-035

MFM-035 panel and sensor
MFM-035 panel
MFM-035 panel and sensor are mounted on HD-033
Cross section
High-precision 3-dimensional magnetic field sensor.

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Application :
Supervision of the magnetic field generated by agitator bar and magnetic drive Blending Dispersion Homogenisation Suspension
Operative range :
Vaccines Insuline API

The contactless sensor measures and checks the magnetic field structure (fig 1 and 2). The panel indicates actual agitator speed as well as blocked or slipping Magnetic Stirrer bars. These are indispensable parameters for validating processes as per FDA requirement. Therefore, the MFM-035 is an essential tool for cGMP compliant magnetic stirring processes.

Sensor and panel are mounted on the Rütten Magnetic Drive HD-033.

Units Magnetic field monitoring system MFM-035
Volume range l (US gal) 0 to 300 (0 to 80)
Calibration 2-point
RPM detection accuracy kg (lbs) 0 to 300 (0 to 660)
Accuracy % 99.7
Material sensor housing AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301)
Panel 4…20 mA rpm output | user configurable rpm alarm relay and blocked bars alarm relay | CAN-bus serial communication interface | Full graphic display, 6-key user input pad
Protection class panel IP 55


  • check_circleContactless
  • check_circleAccurate process validation
  • check_circleUser friendly and reliable


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