Diaphragm star valve 2-way

Diaphragm star valve 2-way
Diaphragm star valve 2-way
Diaphragm star valve 2-way
Diaphragm star valve 2-way mounted
Completely weld free hygienic design—extremely compact sizes ½" to 1".

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Application :
Product inlet and outlet Small volume addition Venting Circulation Transfer CIP/SIP procedures
Operative range :
Aseptic media All types of liquids and gases commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry

The Rütten Diaphragm valve line has been designed in order to tackle observed disadvantages of state-of-the art diaphragm valves currently used by the industry : diaphragm deformation (cold and during vapour-sterilisation), leakage due to misplaced diaphragm, leaching of toxic compounds from glued components, etc. These kinds of complications pose a serious threat to pharmaceutical production processes.

Rütten's design focuses on compacity and cleanability. The combination of requirement based engineering of valve body and diaphragm, paired with selected diaphragm materials, give way to a technically outstanding and user friendly valve. Its body, including nozzles, is machined out of one single piece and therefore exempt welding seams, in order to avoid undefined surfaces and corrosion. The valve is extremely compact and angled to allow total drain, ensuring perfect CIP and SIP results.
The diaphragms are made out of one molded piece and designed with a bulb-seal line. Both features increase valve tightness to a great extent. Fail-safe positionning of the diaphragm is ensured. The star knob and the valve spindle made of brass allow a particularly smooth turning. The closing force is adjustable with a torque wrench.

Diaphragm star valve 2-way
Pressure rating Full vacuum to +8 bar
Material product side / non product side AISI 316L, ground Ra < 0.25 µm, electropolished / AISI 316L, ground Ra < 0.8 µm, electropolished (special alloys upon request)
Process connections Triclamp ASME BPE | Butt orbit welding end
Material diaphragm EPDM | EPDM/PTFE | FPM
Inner diameter Customizable down to 3 mm

Units 2-way ½" 2-way ¾" 2-way 1"
A mm (in) 9.40 (0.37) 15.8 (0.62) 22.1 (0.87)
B mm (in) 60.0 (2.36) 99.0 (3.90) 120 (4.72)
C mm (in) 12.7 (0.50) 19.0 (0.75) 25.4 (1.00)
F mm (in) 77.5 (3.05) 117 (4.60) 153 (6.03)
TC (ASME BPE) mm (in) 25.0 (1) 25.0 (1) 50.5 (2)
Article No. 034001.001 036001.001 035001.001

Infographic vessel SMALL
Units 2-way ½" 2-way ¾" 2-way 1"
1     Article name 2-way diaphragm valve ½" 2-way diaphragm valve ¾" 2-way diaphragm valve 1"
Mat. 1.4435 1.4435 1.4435
Article No. 034001.002 036001.002 035001.002
2 Article name Manual actuator (black) ½" Manual actuator (black) ¾" Manual actuator (black) 1"
Mat. 1.4301 1.4301 1.4301
Article No. 034003.006 036003.006 035003.006
3 Article name Screw M4 × 12 ISO 4762 Screw M6 × 20 ISO 4762 Screw M6 × 20 ISO 4762
Mat. 1.4301 1.4301 1.4301
Article No. - - -
Diaphragm star valve 2-way flow rates


  • check_circleNo weld seams
  • check_circleExtremely short geometry
  • check_circleTightness and chemical resistance
  • check_circleSmooth operation
  • check_circleFail-safe membrane positioning
  • check_circleLongevity