Rütten softmixer
Softmixer with quick-connect coupling and sterile seal.
Rütten softmixer
Softmixer with softmixing plate.
Low shear force agitators supporting vessel volumes of 50 to 300 litres and up to 5000 litres.

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Application :
Blending Suspension
Operative range :

The Rütten Softmixer® offers unprecedented capabilities in shear sensitive mixing situations. the Softmixer® is capable of mixing by slow gentle strokes or rapid reciprocating oscillations of a centrally mounted mixing plate. The oscillation frequency of the Softmixer® can range from 0.1...6 Hz. The amplitude of the mixing plate can be adjusted from 0.5...60 mm. the mixing plate is perforated with conical holes that gently surge the fluid as the plate moves thereby creating gentle and highly effective mixing throughout the vessel (see schematic on page Laboratory Softmixer®). Variations in drive and mixing plates are possible for a large spectrum of applications up to 5000 litres. Power transmission into the vessel is by a shaft sealed with a silicone bellow, absolutely assuring sterility. A microprocessor control allows adaptation of the Softmixer® to each individual need.
Bioreactors used today for cultivating living cells are frequently equipped with radial or axial impellers. Both radial and axial impellers induce high shear forces into the liquid and, even if driven at low speed, can create detrimental conditions for critical substances such as living cells or micro-carriers. Furthermore, the tangential forces generated by the fast rotation of either type of impeller cause the formation of vortices. The Rütten Softmixer® has been developed to avoid all these shortcomings.
Laboratory Softmixer® Pilot Softmixer® Production Softmixer®
Mixing plate diameter 88,5 mm 148 mm 570 mm
Mixing plate No. of holes 36 36 390
Vessel size 5...20 l 20...200 l 200...5'000 l
Max. frequency 8 Hz 6 Hz 6 Hz
Min. frequency 0.1 Hz 0.1 Hz 0.1 Hz
Max. stroke 30 mm 60 mm 100 mm
Min. stroke 1 mm 1 mm 1 mm
Peak force 33 N 204 N 2000 N
Weight 5 kg 9 kg 22 kg
Controller dimension 544 × 199 × 395 mm 690 × 650 × 1640 mm 690 × 650 × 1640 mm


  • check_circleLow shear force agitator
  • check_circleCovering a wide range of applications
  • check_circleCan be sterilised in situ or autoclaved
  • check_circlePerfect to up-scale
  • check_circleSupplies air and oxygen microsparging systems
  • check_circleNo dead-spaces—Easy to clean