Rütten RPM controller RC-050

Rütten RPM controller RC-050
Rütten RPM controller RC-050
Rütten RPM controller RC-050
Rütten RPM controller RC-050
Developed for Magnetic stirrers and Magnetic coupled stirrers. Adaptive stirring allowing constant process conditions.

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Application :
Fill and drain operations with sterile vessels blending Dispersion Homogenisation Suspension
Operative range :
Vaccines APIs prone to foaming APIs needing constant stirring Suspensions

In many cases, pharmaceutical end products need to be stirred continuously prior to entering the final filling stage. Given this requirement, the main challenges are :
  • Steady stirring until 'the last drop'
  • Minimized deadleg for complete product harvest
  • Prevention of vortex-caused incorporation of gaz bubbles
  • Prevention of foam formation caused by too vigorous stirring
Rotation controllers RC-050 used with Rütten stirrers make all this possible. RC-050 is directly integrated into a trolley for magnetic drive. Its load cells register the exact weight and adapt stirrer rotation speed correspondingly, during fill and drain operations. Five programmable speed ramp types are available, allowing either discreet or continuous adapation of the stirring speed. Unlimited number of recipes can be used. By reducing the stirrer speed during drain, stirring continues, allowing more of the media to be used for fill and finish.

Units RPM controller RC-050 small RPM controller RC-050 big
Dimensions weighing plate L × W mm (in) 750 × 645 (29 × 25) 800 × 800 (31 × 31)
Weighing plate level H (min) mm (in) 354 (14) 354 (14)
Dimensions trolley L × W × H mm (in) 825 × 645 × 1400 (32 × 25 × 55) 875 × 800 × 1450 (34 × 31 × 57)
Weighing range kg (lbs) 0 to 120 0 to 265 0 to 500 0 to 1100
Accuracy kg (lbs) < 0.1 < 0.2
Material AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301)
Working environment °C, rel. hum. 0 to 40, 20-70 %
Protection class IP 55
Power supply   100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Trolley With magnetic drive (Magnetic stirrers) | without magnetic drive (Top driven magnetic coupled stirrers)
Weighing plate level H Customer specific–for example adaptation to downstream filling equipment
Safety switch No|Yes


  • check_circleFoam prevention
  • check_circleEvened API concentrations
  • check_circleMinimized product loss
  • check_circleNonstop mixing during fill and drain
  • check_circleStable specific mixing energy input
  • check_circleLess product deposits or sediments


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