Rütten magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2

Rütten magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2
Magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2.
Rütten magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2
MCS 2 detail.
Rütten magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2
Top driven MCS 2 mounted on a Rütten sterile vessel.
Ultra strong top driven agitator for viscous high value liquids 100 to 300 litres (25 to 80 US gal).

Logo SSS (Sterile Storage System) Sterile Storage System (SSS)

Application :
Blending Dispersion Homogenisation Suspension Heat transfer
Operative range :
Sterile viscous liquids Ophtalmic gels Cosmetics Hyaluronic acids

Magnetic Coupled Top-Driven Stirrers find application whenever the process doesn't allow for bottom-driven units to be used :

a) In some sterile production applications, large vessels with their respective large bottom drain valve clusters are used. Such equipment cannot be combined with bottom-driven magnetic agitators.

b) Many processes need strong agitation forces for viscous liquids. These are obtained with a strong energy input into the system, where physically limited classic magnetic drives fail.
MCS2 meets both above mentioned challenges and adds safety in process sterility by eliminating the use of the delicate rotating mechanical seal. Homogeneous API concentration prior drain is reached, even for high viscosities. In extreme cases, Rütten sterile vessels with heated double jacket may further boost the process efficiency.

Rütten guarantees a rotation speed precision of > 99%, ensuring perfectly mastered process conditions. The stator body is completely closed, facilitating CIP/SIP cleaning procedures.
Units Magnetic coupled stirrer MCS2
Stirrer standard type Impeller
Mixing capacity l (US gal) 100 to 300 (25 to 80)
Motor weight incl. gear kg (lbs) 26 (57)
Agitator weight approx. kg (lbs) 15 (33)
Speed rpm 60 to 600
Motor power kW 0.37
Operating pressure bar -1 to 4
Material stirrer AISI 316L, ground Ra < 0.25, electropolished
Special alloys upon request
Control unit Frequency controller, RPM display
Magnetic coupled stirrer MCS 2
Impeller design Axial | Radial | Special design on request
Impeller level 1 | 2
Shaft design Without baffles | With baffles
Stirrer shaft length Application specific
Material bearing Silicone carbide | silicone carbide diamond coated
Process connection DN 150 (6") or DN 200 (8") head plate | Flanges for tanks > 500 L
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  • check_circleBest-in-class magnetic coupling
  • check_circleVibration-free operation
  • check_circleNo mechanical seal, no lubricants
  • check_circleDimensional scale-up
  • check_circleSelf-draining and self-lubricating
  • check_circleNo product deposits or sediments


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